JVC Builds 180Hz LCD That Makes 120Hz LCDs Look Like Chumps

Motion blur is a problem in LCDs, and until now, the best solution was 120Hz processing: double the frames, and the blur tends to subside. JVC looked at the situation and said, if doubling works okay, then how 'bout we triple it? This week, at CEATEC, the result was on display. Little is known about this smooth… »10/05/07 12:00pm10/05/07 12:00pm


Panasonic DMR-BW900 Blu-ray Recorder Writes to 50GB Dual Layer Discs or a TB of HDD

Recording 18 hours of 1080p on a single disc is pretty serious stuff, and Panasonic Blu-ray recorders launched at CEATEC Japan do this. They do this via a digital TV tuner, MPEG 4 compression and support for 50GB dual layer discs you'd see on a PC recorder, but never before on a home theater box. The players also have… »10/02/07 2:50pm10/02/07 2:50pm