Delicious (and Not So Delicious) GMC PC Case Designs

Although we think CeBIT is largely a waste of convention center, one standout was Korean PC-case master GMC (no relation to America's own troubled automotive titan). Its sexiest case concept was by far the disc-shaped red-and-black beauty captured by Aving above. Even its simple name, "Pot," evokes a feeling of peace… »3/08/08 2:00pm3/08/08 2:00pm

Sony/NEC's Optiarc Busts Out Five Blu-ray Burners at CeBIT, No HD DVDs in Sight

When Sony announced its joint venture with NEC over a year ago (resulting in a company called Optiarc), the company said it would be creating Blu-ray and DVD drives, and may produce HD DVD drives. CeBIT was another story, where the company rolled out no less than five Blu-ray burners at the big euro-show. Will the… »3/21/07 1:15pm3/21/07 1:15pm

Chinese Concept Phones: At Last, a Useful Place for a USB Connector

No idea whether these will ever make it into production, but Chinese phone company Huawei showed off three pretty spanky ideas at CeBit 2007. First up is a phone with a built-in USB connector that doesn't need any additional cables to function. Made of flexible rubber, the connector bends any which way you want to… »3/20/07 9:09am3/20/07 9:09am

Samsung Ultra Music Phone: Colors Revealed, Probably Match Beyoncé's Underwear

We all knew Beyoncé was fronting Samsung's Ultra Phone, and we all guessed that the dual-screen cell would probably come in red, white, and black (we were so thankful they nixed it in pink), but did we have a clue that it would come in juicy orange and fabulous electric blue? Nope, we'll freely admit that we didn't… »3/19/07 9:15am3/19/07 9:15am

Art.Lebedev Releases Pics of Newly-Named Optimus Maximus Vaporware Keyboard

It turns out that picture we showed you last week of the Optimus keyboard from Art.Lebedev Studio was not a fake, but was a picture of an actual model of a keyboard that may someday actually ship. The company rolled out its official portraits of the OLED-lit keyboard just before CeBIT opened in Germany, and the… »3/15/07 3:00pm3/15/07 3:00pm

Awesome TIE Fighter Speakers Flew Out of Star Wars and Into Your Living Room

Click to viewThese TIE Fighter speakers are from Question Mark Entertainment Nikko Home Electronics, and we have no idea what sort of drivers are in these two, dare we say, satellite speakers and their accompanying subwoofer, but if looks could kill, our Death Star would be completely exploding just about now. »3/14/07 9:45am3/14/07 9:45am