CeBIT '06: Robonova-I

Still no sign of Robosapien yet, but we did catch the Robonova. This is a fully customizable and programmable aluminum robot. The movement of this robot is done with HiTEC "muscles." These smart muscles and joints give complete control of torque, speed and position. The programming software is simple, so advanced…

CeBIT 2006: State of the Union

Day Two here at CeBIT in Hannover and we can safely say that we've trundled past all the big announcements. This is a huge show, but all of the real announcements seem to happen at U.S. and Asian shows unfortunately. But if you noticed what those announcements were—Origami, improvements in flash drives, lots of PMPs…


CeBIT '06: Pantech G-3700

It's just so hard to look at Asian phones. They have so much to offer and tweak so many pleasure receptors that you just want to hold on to them and walk out of the booth. The G-3700 here is really sexy, nice bright screen, and it looks like the RAZR if the RAZR wasn't trying to act all art deco.

CeBIT '06: Motorola Mesh Camera

Motorola doesn't just make shiny phones. We stumbled into the Moto booth to discover that their traditional product lines are alive and well, including CB radios and this Half-Life 2-esque death pod, the MEA "Rapid Response" Mesh Camera. It's a bit old, but it really looked scary. Put a gun on there and you're…