Epson Moviemate 33 All-In-One Projector and Screen.

No, the screen isn't built in, you dolt. The only things crammed into this box is the 480p res projector, a JVC DVD player, and tiny, impotent 10-watt stereo speakers. We like cubes of convenience, and this one ships with an 80-inch screen that the Moviemate can fill up from a little more than 6 feet away, in either… » 9/18/06 7:25pm 9/18/06 7:25pm

CEDIA 2006: LG 60PC1D 60-inch Plasma with Integrated HD-DVR

LG was showing off this monstrosity at their booth at CEDIA. This giant, 60-inch plasma most notably includes an HD-DVR unit integrated into the plasma television. This is a step up from LG's already released 50-inch plasma with DVR. The HD-DVR has a 160 GB hard drive capable of storing 13 hours of HD programming or… » 9/16/06 8:16pm 9/16/06 8:16pm

CEDIA 2006: Crestron TPMC-8X, TPMC-4X Touchpanel Media Centers

Crestron's booth was jam-packed with enough home-automation crap to shake a stick at (whatever the hell that means), but there were a couple little gadgets that stood out. These are the Isys i/O WiFi Touchpanel (left) and the Isys i/O Handheld WiFi TouchPanel (right). You need to understand that these aren't remotes… » 9/16/06 5:26pm 9/16/06 5:26pm

CEDIA 2006: Sony Adds to Bravia HDTV Line, Including 52-inch 1080p Models

Sony announced some additions to their Bravia line of HDTVs. The KDL-52XBR2 and KDL-52XBR3 are 52-inch behemoths that run at the full 1080p resolution. They include HDMI inputs among other inputs. They will both ship in November for $6,800 and $6,500. The XBR3 is featured with a piano-black finish and the XBR2… » 9/16/06 4:29pm 9/16/06 4:29pm

CEDIA 2006: Pioneer's Plasmas Have Built-In Networking, Streams Video From Your PC

Pioneer's three announced Elite PureVision plasma TVs not only have a redesigned glass and a First Surface PRO Color Filter, it's got the Home Media Gallery home networking feature that we saw earlier. The 42-inch PRO-940HD, 50-inch PRO1140HD, and 60-inch PRO-1540HD all have improved brightness and, efficiency and… » 9/16/06 1:41pm 9/16/06 1:41pm

CEDIA 2006: Sony LCD TV with Sliding Speaker

It seems that LCD concealing products are a big trend this year at CEDIA. This is a Sony LCD TV that comes loaded up with a motorized, flat-speaker that can slide up and down concealing the TV leaving just the big speaker visible. The flat speaker also has an integrated DVD/CD/SACD player and FM tuner, so if you want,… » 9/16/06 12:56am 9/16/06 12:56am

CEDIA 2006: Panasonic PT-AE1000U 1080p Projector

This is it, kiddos. The big, badass 1080p native projector from Panasonic. The PT-AE1000U is a big projector with a brightness level of 1,100 lumens. Wait for it ... you ready? Ready yet? Okay, 11,000:1 contrast ratio. No typos there, eleven thousand to one contrast ratio. That basically means one big, beautiful… » 9/16/06 12:18am 9/16/06 12:18am