ControlThink's Vista SideShow and Z-Wave Home Theater/Automation Remote

The Vista feature you pretty much forgot about is back: ControlThink's got a new remote control platform for Windows Media Center and other devices called ThinkRemote that leverages Vista's oft-touted-but-rarely used SideShow. That's right, you can get SideShow information and gadgets anywhere in your house since the… » 9/11/07 1:30pm 9/11/07 1:30pm

Sharp AQUOS LC-19D44U 19-incher Loses Dick Contest, Wins Our Hearts

In the dick contest that is CEDIA, the little screens sometimes get overlooked. But we didn't miss the LC-19D44U, a 19-incher AQUOS from Sharp that shows that size doesn't always matter. Destined for kitchens and equipped with one of the sharpest screens we saw, it was the only brand new TV set introduced by the… » 9/07/07 7:32pm 9/07/07 7:32pm

Dish Network ViP 722 DVR: More Space, Black Chassis, Slight Improvement

We got our hands on the Dish Network ViP722, making sure the next generation of satellite DVRs has plenty of storage space. Its makers have added hours of storage to this beast, now totalling 55 hours' worth of 1080i or 720p HD video, or 350 hours of standard def. In addition, you can now plug in an external USB hard… » 9/07/07 5:33pm 9/07/07 5:33pm

DirecTV to Release Prosumer, $1,000+ HD DVR Unit

DirecTV is unveiling their new, top-of-the-line DVR unit at CEDIA, able to record 1080p and supporting optical HDMI. Dubbed the HR21 PRO, it's more than your regular piece of home theater equipment; this thing can be rack mounted and is designed to be professionally installed, which isn't something most people need or… » 9/07/07 4:45pm 9/07/07 4:45pm

Samsung 69 Series Offers Sweet 120Hz Video for Lower Price

Take a look at the new Samsung 69 series (LN-T4069F) of 120Hz LCDs just announced here at CEDIA, taking 40-inch and 46-inch 1080p screens slightly downmarket from the company's high-end TVs. But these cheaper models thankfully lack one downside we've noticed: that glossy screen on the higher-end TVs reflects… » 9/07/07 4:33pm 9/07/07 4:33pm

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control Is A Bribe From Toshiba and the HD DVD…

Trekkies, like what you see? The word from CEDIA is that these bad boys will be given out to consumers who buy a Toshiba HD DVD player and the Star Trek box set. No word on what kind of features this thing has. But hey, it's free and you can relive your childhood dreams of being Captain Kirk. [CE Pro via AVS Forums] » 9/07/07 4:27pm 9/07/07 4:27pm

Bang and Olufsen Remote Only Looks Like It Can Save The World

No one will be mistaking the Bang and Olufsen Beo5 for another remote anytime soon, thanks to its distinctive form factor and features. The Beo5 sports a touchscreen on top and an array of buttons arranged in a circle below. What makes this thing special, besides the obvious design, is that it is fully programmable to… » 9/07/07 4:01pm 9/07/07 4:01pm

Life|Ware Shows Quad-Recording Media Center with Four CableCARDs

Life|Ware rolled out what it says is the first media center PC running four CableCARDs at the same time, and it proved to us that the whole thing actually works today at CEDIA 07. Its life|media Media Center PC is the new top of the line for the company, and it's packing an Intel Quad Core processor, 4GB of RAM and… » 9/07/07 3:10pm 9/07/07 3:10pm

Klipsch IMAGE Earphones, World's Smallest Are Almost Too Small

We got a close-up look at those super-tiny Klipsch IMAGE earphones today, and we're here to tell you, if these aren't the smallest phones in the world as Klipsch claims, any smaller ones would be invisible. Their earpieces are the size of the smallest kernel of corn you've ever seen. We're hoping to get a test listen… » 9/07/07 2:37pm 9/07/07 2:37pm

Acoustic Research's WiFi Remote Stuffed With Features

If there's one device that needs some features raped into it, its the remote control. Acoustic Research showed the ARRU449 universal remote at CEDIA today in all its Wi-Fi goodness. Available in October, the gadget's built-in Wi-Fi technology allows you to use your connection to get the latest weather reports, sports… » 9/06/07 11:00pm 9/06/07 11:00pm

Hands On Sony's 200-Disc Blu-ray Changing Monolith

Sony's HES-v1000 is a 200 disc Blu-ray burner/changer that has a 500GB HDD, Cross media interface, and an ethernet for streaming. I found it to be more impressive in person with unnecessary but awesome motorized plates of glass. And I was a little disappointed at its limited media streaming functionality. Audio only,… » 9/06/07 5:31pm 9/06/07 5:31pm

Hands On: LG BH200 Combo Blu-ray and HD DVD Player

You've seen the pics, you've read the specs, now it's time to put a stopwatch on this second-generation combo player from LG. Expected to sell for around $1000 when it hits the streets in mid-October, it's able to play just about any disc format, including good ol' CDs. But we wanted to know, how long do you have to… » 9/06/07 3:58pm 9/06/07 3:58pm

Pioneer Elite SC-09TX Amp and Receiver Kicks Audio Arse

Pioneer rolled out its Elite SC-09TX Direct Energy amp and AV receiver combination, a mutha of an AV system if we've ever seen one. Set to ship in January, the setup consists of a 10-channel amplifier stacked on top of a precision pre-amp receiver unit, giving you 200 watts x 10 of sweet, clean power. And man, did… » 9/06/07 3:37pm 9/06/07 3:37pm