Star Trek Home Theater, Go Where No Man Has Left Before

This Star Trek TNG home theater is ubergeek in the absolute best way, which is probably why at CEDIA 2007 it was named the best theme theater installation. Featuring a quasi-faithful re-creation of the Enterprise NCC-1701D, motion activated "air-lock" doors and an alert button producing an alarm and flurry of red LED… »11/06/07 10:13am11/06/07 10:13am


Bang and Olufsen Remote Only Looks Like It Can Save The World

No one will be mistaking the Bang and Olufsen Beo5 for another remote anytime soon, thanks to its distinctive form factor and features. The Beo5 sports a touchscreen on top and an array of buttons arranged in a circle below. What makes this thing special, besides the obvious design, is that it is fully programmable to… »9/07/07 4:01pm9/07/07 4:01pm