A Smaller Ceiling Light-Fan Combo Can Squeeze Into the Tiniest of Rooms

Because you don't necessarily want to put up with the droning sound of your air conditioner all summer long, a ceiling fan can be almost as effective at cooling your home by keeping air circulating. But for those rooms where the blades of a ceiling fan just won't fit, or where you think they just look downright… »1/14/15 8:44am1/14/15 8:44am


Strapping a GoPro to a Ceiling Fan Is as Awesome as You Think It'd Be

We've seen GoPro cameras used with ceiling fans before to recreate The Matrix's bullet-time effects on the cheap. But simply strapping the cheap action cam to the ceiling fan in your living room also produces some fantastic and equally mesmerizing results as YouTuber highvoltagefeathers discovered. »11/03/14 3:33pm11/03/14 3:33pm

Brisa 2000 Fan Looks Crazy, Gets the Job Done in Steampunk Style

If you're looking for decorative weirdness around your abode, a strange-looking Brisa 2000 ceiling fan by the Matthews Fan Company ought to fit in perfectly. Imagine a spinning fan, itself orbiting around a counterweighted axis as it fills the room with fresh breezes or draws all that hot air upward, your choice.… »12/17/07 2:15pm12/17/07 2:15pm