Ceiva 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame Now $2,248, Comes with Fridge

Digital-picture frame pioneer Ceiva is jumping the gun on Whirlpool's latest refrigerator announcement, called "centralpark" I believe. The concept has been shown off before, but this is its first production application: it's got a modular interface at the top, and Ceiva (and presumably others) have built something to… »9/26/07 10:28pm9/26/07 10:28pm


Ceiva Digital Picture Frames Allows Global Picture Sharing

Ceiva has announced some interesting updates to their line of digital picture frames that may change the way you display and share pictures. They have added a 7- and 8-inch model to their lineup. The 7-inch model has a resolution of 480x324 and the 8-inch model has a resolution of 640x480 and includes interchangeable… »12/05/06 1:30pm12/05/06 1:30pm