50 years of drunk-driving PSAs "celebrated" in gut-wrenching ad

Since the first drunk-driving PSA in UK—50 years ago—the number of DUI accidents deaths has fallen dramatically. But how can you celebrate the good results when there is still people out there killing themselves by driving drunk? This brilliant commercial shows how. » 11/10/14 8:01pm 11/10/14 8:01pm

Celebration, Florida: The Utopian Town That America Just Couldn't Trust

It's been exactly two decades since Celebration, Florida, broke ground in 1994, a major anniversary for a community that enjoyed a massive amount of media attention when it emerged. Yet we don't hear much about Disney's foray into real estate lately, apart from the odd fire. » 4/20/14 3:00pm 4/20/14 3:00pm

Express Your Patriotism With This ANSI Art

It's Fourth of July here in the states. While most Americans are celebrating with non-stop food, beer and fireworks, Barry Ritholtz took a break from the festivities to create this ingenious ANSI art. Amazingly, this creation only uses 100 characters so it's Twitter-safe and perfect for some re-Tweet love this holiday… » 7/04/11 4:30pm 7/04/11 4:30pm

When Does the New Year Start On the International Space Station?

If you're on terra firma, it's pretty obvious when you need to grab your make-out partner. But how, asks Slate's Explainer, do you know when to celebrate "when you're hurtling through time zones at 17,500 miles per hour?" » 1/02/10 9:00am 1/02/10 9:00am