Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset Drops the Ladystyle, Picks…

There are two kinds of Bluetooth users in the world: The inexplicably proud; and the begrudgingly conscripted. With the long-lasting, appealingly minimalist black and silver Discovery 975, Plantronics is wisely aiming for the latter. » 8/20/09 12:01am 8/20/09 12:01am

Look Stupid: Cell Mate Hands-Free Cellphone Holder

I could only think of one thing when I saw this hands-free cellphone holder called Cell Mate: Ahahaha haha HA! Apparently, they have a booth at CES—worth a Giz visit, methinks. [Craziest Gadgets] » 1/09/09 2:45am 1/09/09 2:45am

E-Wave Chip Protects Against Scary, If Not Scientifically Proven,…

Cellphone radiation is spawning worries that it can do everything from making sperm stupid to popping popcorn... which means it's prime time to start selling "cures" like this "radiation reducing" E-wave phone chip. » 12/10/08 2:30am 12/10/08 2:30am

SouthWing Bluetooth Headset Brings You News, Excuses to Leave

SouthWing and AT&T have paired up to offer a Bluetooth headset specifically catering to news junkies and evasive people. If your SouthWing SH241 earpiece is connected to an AT&T phone, it'll pipe the latest finance, weather, sports and other info straight into your head. Sure, an FM radio feature would probably do… » 10/15/08 11:05pm 10/15/08 11:05pm

Star Wars Flashers Use The Force (i.e., Flashing, Spinning Heads) to…

Always had something against Darth Vader and his many Stormtrooper cronies? Why not denigrate them to the lowest forms of consumer electronics by decapitating their shrunken heads and turning those into nifty Star Wars phone flashers? Now if you're in a way-too-noisy cantina, or if you're phone is on silent, the head… » 9/18/08 10:10pm 9/18/08 10:10pm

Tiny Lava Light Cellphone Charm Blinks When You Have a Call

Most cellphone charms do nothing but sit there and be charming, but this one by Lava Lamp creator Mathmos actually serves a useful purpose: It blinks red (or blue, your choice) when you have a phone call coming in. Might be a good compromise between setting that phone on vibrate and possibly still irritating those… » 7/16/07 1:37pm 7/16/07 1:37pm

Mini Blu II Bluetooth Headset Gets Even More Outlandishly Small

FoneGear has shrunk its Mini Blu Bluetooth headset, making it even smaller and lighter, and now it's called the Mini Blu II that'll be shipping in September. No question about it, this is one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets we've seen. » 6/15/07 7:57am 6/15/07 7:57am

Driin Mobile Phone Holder

The Driin Mobile Phone Holder makes a little table under an electrical outlet where you can park your cellphone, PDA or PSP while it's charging. It's a simple little rubberized plastic item that's available in a variety of colors for 5 Euros (about $6.48). » 1/11/07 4:21pm 1/11/07 4:21pm

Bluetrek X2 Bluetooth Water-Resistant Headset

The Bluetrek X2 is an earpiece that's not quite so delicate as most, called the first water resistant and weatherproof Bluetooth headset by its manufacturer. This means if you get caught in a rainstorm it won't be ruined, but you probably won't want to do any underwater basketweaving while wearing it. The X2 is also… » 2/24/06 2:17pm 2/24/06 2:17pm