Brando Cellphone Charm is Charging Cable, MicroSD Reader Too

Sometimes the "Keep It Simple Stupid" principle and product mashups really do work: like this multipurpose cellphone charm from Brando. Unclasp it and there's a USB-to-phone cable for data and charging, customizable with plugs that suit your cellphone or mini-USB device. Flick a switch, slot in a MicroSD card and it's… »4/09/08 11:00am4/09/08 11:00am


Kewpie Bondage Cellphone Charms Give Us Utterly Horrific Nightmares

These are about the creepiest cellphone accessories we've ever seen: Androgynous babies tied up S&M style dangling from your cellphone. The disturbingly satisfied Kewpie Dolls are available with five different rope colors for about $6. If you wanna feel really icky, check out the promo shot after the jump, which makes… »11/19/07 9:00pm11/19/07 9:00pm

Self-Destruct Button Mobile Charm Doesn't Do What It Says on the Tin

Most cellphone charms seem to have no point whatsoever. This Japanese self-destruct button charm, however, does. Perfect for when you're having One Of Those Days, press the button and you will hear a countdown, and a red LED light will flash, followed by a Boom! (insert Steve Jobs joke here if you can be bothered, I… »7/30/07 10:20am7/30/07 10:20am