Massage Vibra Software, the Perfect Accompaniment to 'Call Me' Panties

Hey gals, here's the perfect companion to those "Call Me" panties that hold that cellphone up close to satisfy your nether yearnings. Now you don't have to wait for a phone call to engage in intimate activities with your cellphone if you have this Massage Vibra software. It works with any MIDP 2.0-compliant cellphone… »11/27/07 11:37am11/27/07 11:37am

Bastard Cellphones to be Taught a Thing or Two About Manners

Cellphones are impolite, whiny little bitches lurking in your pocket, lying in wait to interrupt you no matter what you're doing. That's why researchers at Intel Labs Seattle are trying to teach them some manners, creating software that turns the dumbass machines into politenessPhones that can avoid interrupting your… »8/08/07 9:00am8/08/07 9:00am