USB Connectors Finally Give Cellphone Straps a Purpose

Sure, straps can be handy for those of us with overly buttery fingers, but for the rest of us they serve little purpose (unless being massively annoying is considered a purpose). However, the folks at WirelessGround may have changed all that with their new USB enabled Leather Hand Strap. The idea is simple —a strap… » 11/15/07 7:30pm 11/15/07 7:30pm

Sushi, Chocolate and Ice Cream Cellphone Screen Cleaners

It's been a while since we've posted cellphone charms, but these sushi, chocolate and ice cream screen cleaners pass the test for fantastic charms we'd actually buy. They're exactly what they sound like—soft, felty screen cleaners that hang from your cellphone, ready at a moment's notice to wipe the acne-causing… » 9/11/07 6:00pm 9/11/07 6:00pm

Crazy Ass Solid Alliance Makes Aura Monitor Cellphone Strap

We love a crazy company like Solid Alliance that takes chances and does insane things much more than a company that just plays it safe and throws out yet another me too device and hopes it sells. Following up on their USB Food Hub and Food-shaped Flash Drives, SA's just released an Aura Monitor cellphone strap. » 4/23/07 8:30pm 4/23/07 8:30pm

Japan's Nitendo W11 Cellphone Strap and Safety Whistle

This japanese cell strap hangs off your cellphone, shaped like a Wiimote. It's made by Nitendo, which I'm told is a mash up of the word Nintendo and niteru, which means "look alike." It's actually a safety whistle, too. Why? Because if you import this, you're going to be yelling "HELP, I'M BEING ATTACKED BY JOCKS… » 11/24/06 2:11pm 11/24/06 2:11pm