What Made the Y Chromosome So Tiny?

The Y chromosome, a chunk of genetic code that is unique to male mammals, isn’t just physically smaller than the X. It also contains far fewer genes. The X has more than 1000 genes, while the Y has fewer than 200 —and most of them don’t even work. Why do men have this odd, stunted chromosome in their genomes? » 5/07/15 6:25pm 5/07/15 6:25pm

Animation explains how viruses attack our cells to make us sick

Staying healthy is a lot like medieval warfare. Cells vs viruses. There are cells defending their castles and viruses trying to break through. If a sneaky virus manages to attack a cell, the cell fights it and notifies all the other castles about what to build to defend it. Man, learning about biology is so much… » 4/17/14 11:19pm 4/17/14 11:19pm

These Are the First X-Rays of a Living Cell

To get a super-detailed X-ray view inside a cell—right down to the individual molecules—scientists dunk the cell they're looking at in preservative chemicals. That not only kills the cell, it changes its internal structure ever so slightly, meaning researchers aren't getting an exact look at the cell's natural state.… » 2/27/14 7:30pm 2/27/14 7:30pm

Scientists Can Now Hack Your Body's Cell Network

You've probably got a cell phone in your pocket, but a new discovery by Swiss researches could put one under your skin. By modifying cells' reaction to certain genes and enzymes, the researchers were able to make them communicate and exchange information. Kind of like if they were on the phone. You know, a cell phone. » 9/17/12 2:20pm 9/17/12 2:20pm

Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells "all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo." The discovery could be the key to cure the incurable—from heart attacks to severed spinal cord to cancer—and open the door, some… » 8/23/12 2:00pm 8/23/12 2:00pm