T-Mobile 3G Data Will Hit 21Mbps In 2010

AT&T just announced they're starting a national 7.2Mbps 3G rollout, and T-Mobile now says they're about to do the same. But what comes next? For most, it's 4G wireless data. For T-Mobile, it's steroid-pumped 3G, to the tune of 21Mbps. » 9/11/09 1:20pm 9/11/09 1:20pm

HP Wants To Sell You a Carrier-Subsidized Netbook For Cheap With 3G…

We've seen netbooks bundled with a cellular data service contract popping up in other parts of the world, but a report today by the WSJ » 10/30/08 9:40am 10/30/08 9:40am finds HP considering the same tactic here in the US, where it hasn't been done effectively yet. This would let you buy a or any other HP netbook at a steep (hopefully),…

Sierra Wireless EVDO/HSPDA Aircards for High Speed Cell Data By USB

Yesterday, Sprint unveiled their first revision A. EVDO high speed cellular data card. That card came in the aging PCMCIA form factor, so we couldn't use it in our Macbook Pros. Here's a cludgy fix to that problem: EVDO and HSPDA cards that work over a USB cable. EVDO, is the broadband-like speed that Verizon and… » 8/30/06 7:41pm 8/30/06 7:41pm

Cellular Broadband for Dummies (Because Wi-Fi is for Wussies)

By Sean Captain » 8/29/06 4:30pm 8/29/06 4:30pm

Using Wi-Fi around town is like panhandling. You schlep from coffee shop to coffee shop, looking for bandwidth handouts; or you rummage through the neighborhood airwaves, searching for unencrypted home networks.