Microsoft Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request for (Updated)

Because every company with even just a three-legged rat in the copyright race basically just shotgun sprays Google for takedown requests these days, Microsoft accidentally but very hilariously asked Google to censor... That's got to be even worse than HBO giving Google a takedown request for VLC. Yeah,… »7/29/13 8:30pm7/29/13 8:30pm

Stop Censoring the Names of Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Dickens and Other Penis Named People Please

A cable company in the UK had a bit of a snafu with a super strict censoring system in its TV guide over the weekend. They were asterisking Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Dickens, the soccer team Arsenal, the movie Hancock and any other name or title that had a penis or butt related word in it. »12/19/11 9:20pm12/19/11 9:20pm

Japan's Highest Digital Porn Censor Arrested For Not Censoring Enough Hoohas

If you've ever seen any Japanese porn at all, you know that the good stuff is usually censored. The man in charge of censoring these hairy body parts, Katsumi Ono, plus four other adult business colleagues, were just arrested for allowing 13,000 copies of movies into the marketplace that weren't completely mosaicked.… »3/03/08 2:50pm3/03/08 2:50pm