Why Apple Is Sticking With Intel Chipsets (Probably)

One of the more eyebrow-raising rumors in the scramble of them about Apple's upcoming MacBooks is that they will switch from Intel chipsets to someone else's. It seemed odd on its face, since Intel and Apple are fairly tight, and there's not a very apparent reason to switch. Jon at Ars lays out a fairly solid case for… »7/31/08 3:50pm7/31/08 3:50pm

First Intel Mobile Quad-Core Processor Coming Soon (Zoooom)

In addition to bragging about how awesome and zippy (while only power-sippy) Centrino 2 is, Intel execs also slipped that they'd be launching a set by the end of the quarter with their first mobile quad-core processor. Thanks to its hardcore power management on the Centrino 2, you'll actually be able to run four cores… »7/15/08 11:30am7/15/08 11:30am

Intel's Centrino 2 Gets Official Launch, Alongside Core 2 Extreme

We learned in May that there would be delays to Intel's Centrino 2 chipset for notebooks, but today it gets an official launch from Intel. That certainly tallies with the slew of notebooks hitting the news which have the chips inside. Alongside the Centrino 2, Intel gives us word on the Core 2 Extreme, which runs at… »7/15/08 3:57am7/15/08 3:57am

Satellite Pro S300, Tecra A10 and M10: Toshiba's First Centrino 2 vPro Notebooks Can Be Fixed Wirelessly Even While Frozen

The Satellite Pro S300, Tecra A10 and Tecra M10 all have Toshiba's EasyGuard with shock and spill protection, a business card reader, a combo USB 2.0 eSATA port, and sleep-and-charge USB ports. A point of differentiation is that the Tecra A10 and M10 both rock Centrino 2 vPro, which has tech for the enterprise set so… »7/15/08 12:01am7/15/08 12:01am

Hands On Lenovo X200: Tiny, Cheap, Means Business (But Forgot the Trackpad)

Lenovo officially announced its Centrino 2-based X200 ultraportable notebook today, confirming what we have known for a while now. Namely, that it's the smallest member of the X-family (12.1-inch screen, 0.8-inches thin) and very powerful. Powered by the new Centrino 2 platform, it's got a full arsenal of wireless… »7/14/08 10:33pm7/14/08 10:33pm

Hands On Sony Vaio Z-Series: World's Smallest, Lightest Blu-ray Laptops

You'll notice Sony's heavy use of qualifiers in their small and light claims-it's because the new 13.1-inch Z-series powered by Centrino 2 is no Keira Knightley (or MacBook Air or X300). Blu-ray is actually optional. But the screen is where this thing shines: Its XBRITE-DuraView LCD is scratch-resistant with 100… »7/14/08 9:00pm7/14/08 9:00pm

Sony Vaio BZ Business Notebooks: Handsome, Tough and Spill Resistant

The Vaio BZ series business notebook from Sony combines the look of a Vaio and the durability of a ThinkPad to make a glitzier business notebook than we usually see. The BZ isn't Mil-Spec strong like Toughbooks or EliteBooks, but it carries HDD shock protection and a spill resistant keyboard in its magnesium alloy… »7/14/08 9:00pm7/14/08 9:00pm

Sony Vaio FW and SR Series: First 16.4-Inch Notebook, MacBook-Style Keyboards

Two series of Vaio Centrino 2 consumer notebooks: FW is the world's first 16.4-inch widescreen notebook, meant to deliver a 17-inch widescreen 16:9 experience in a 15-incher's footprint. (The math sort of works.) It's optimized for HD and Blu-ray playback (though optional) with built-in PS3 and Vaio Home Theater PC… »7/14/08 9:00pm7/14/08 9:00pm

Giz Explains: Under the Hood of the Newest Laptops and Mobile Gear

If your head's spinning from the buckets of chip splooge that's shot out over the past couple days, we don't blame you. There's been a new mobile chip launched or announced by every major player in the biz (Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Via), so no wonder it's all sticky and running together. Don't worry, here's a quick… »6/04/08 2:00pm6/04/08 2:00pm

Intel Demos Centrino 2 ASUS M51VA, WiMax from Computex

Intel's Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Corporate Demonstrations Craig Raymond had his lucky hands all over the new ASUS M51VA Centrino 2 ("Montevina") portable at a pre-Computex demo session today, and—delay or no delay—he came away loving the freedom of Intel's new chip and WiMax. Sure, he's an Intel guy… »6/01/08 8:15pm6/01/08 8:15pm

Intel's Centrino 2 Platform Delayed (Upshot: No New MacBooks at WWDC)

TGDaily is reporting that Intel's next-gen Centrino 2 platform (aka Montevina) has hit a series of snags and won't launch until July 14 at the earliest. Aside from delaying new Centrino 2 notebooks generally (duh), it also significantly quashes the chances of new MacBooks at WWDC—particularly since one of the issues… »5/27/08 3:14pm5/27/08 3:14pm

Intel Santa Rosa Successor "Montevina" Knighted as "Centrino 2"

Four of Intel's mobile chipsets—including its most recent and well-known, Santa Rosa—have been Centrino as far as your mom is concerned. To help us keep things a little straighter and make it obvious they're actually updating stuff, Intel's upcoming Penryn-oriented mobile chipset, Montevina, which'll be pushing Santa… »2/18/08 4:00am2/18/08 4:00am