Larry Takes Over Google Today: Here's What It Means For You

In a then surprising move, Eric Schmidt stepped away from his position as Google CEO in January to make room for co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt has moved into an Executive Chairman role, and Page takes the reigns today. So what does it mean for you? »4/04/11 9:23am4/04/11 9:23am

Schmidt laid out the new delegation of responsibilities at the time… »4/04/11 9:23am4/04/11 9:23am

VP of MeeGo, Nokia's Upcoming OS, Is Next to Leave

Blood won't stop gushing out of the Nokia wound. Ari Jaaksi, who was the Vice President of MeeGo devices, has reportedly left Nokia. It's not known whether he jumped or was pushed, but his departure follows Chairman Jorma Ollila, Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki and CEO and President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who've… »10/05/10 7:10am10/05/10 7:10am

Intel CEO: Atom Platform Something "Most of Us Wouldn't Use"

In a quarterly conference call today, Intel CEO Paul Otellini dropped the aforementioned diss of the low-cost, low-power 45nm Atom chipset that can be found in a few current and many future netbooks, redirecting attention to the just-updated Centrino 2 and somehow-still-alive Celeron platforms as more viable for most… »7/17/08 3:35pm7/17/08 3:35pm