Cool video: Ceramic head cuts one of the toughest metals in the world

That big block of metal is inconel, an extremely tough "austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloy," one of the strongest metals known to humans, used in "in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat" like nuclear plants. How do you cut such a hard thing? Let's watch a video. » 9/15/14 8:30pm 9/15/14 8:30pm

Control This Beautiful Ceramic Radio By Touching Its Palladium Surface

Engineers and gilders might not seem like the most intuitive design partners—after all, their crafts hail from entirely different centuries—but the results of those kinds of unconventional collaborations can be magical. Behold: Hibou (meaning Owl, in French), a ceramic radio that's controlled by touching the… » 6/13/13 6:12pm 6/13/13 6:12pm

Raku Ray Guns (Sorry, They're Just Ceramic)

Maybe by next year we'll be telling you about real ray pistols, but for now you'll have to settle for these charming Raku Ray Gun sculptures. Each is completely one-of-a-kind, constructed on a pottery wheel and fired using the low-fire "raku" method. The sculpture is then placed on a 12" by 9" moon crater plaque for… » 5/13/08 12:40pm 5/13/08 12:40pm

Ceramic Remote Solves One Problem, Creates Others

Designer Yuta Watanabe's motivation in creating a ceramic concept TV remote was the disdain we usually show our little infrared friends, tossing them around, losing them in seat cushions, leaving them in another room. If the remote was an objet rather than a mere object, we might not be so rough on it. Yes? I say no.… » 10/12/07 9:24am 10/12/07 9:24am