These Sleek Salt and Pepper Shakers Have Only One Opening

Moloko's Vortex Salt and Pepper Shakers are beautifully minimalist—so minimalist, they have no plug and only one opening. To fill them, salt or pepper is poured into the top funnel, where it flows down into the inner chamber. Later, when you want to dispense some seasoning onto your food, turning the shaker upside down … » 4/24/12 7:20pm 4/24/12 7:20pm

Those 100 Million Sunflower Seeds Are Being Removed From the Tate…

Remember that installation of 100 million meticulously hand-painted ceramic sunflower seeds that just opened a few days ago at the Tate Modern? It turns out they're giving off "noxious ceramic dust" and now they all have to be removed. Whoops. » 10/15/10 3:35pm 10/15/10 3:35pm

Self-Stirring Cup of Tea Puts My Left Hand Out of a Job

In GizmodoWorld, no one loves a cuppa quite like I do—although the amount of times I go to the kettle each day is giving me RSI. Anyways, two French guys have designed a cup of tea that stirs itself. Simple in its design, all you need do for it to work is channel your inner Cognac-drinker, swilling the liquid around… » 4/17/08 4:42am 4/17/08 4:42am

Talking Floor Helps Your Diet, Calls You Lazy Fatso

Diet Floor is a "smart" talking ceramic floor that will talk to you whenever you spend too much time on top of it at the wrong times. In other words: you go to the kitchen in between meals, stop in front of the the refrigerator to see what you can nib on and it will shout something like "Watch out for those extra pounds!"… » 2/06/08 11:45am 2/06/08 11:45am

EEStor Ceramic Battery: Internal Combustion Replacement?

Seasoned scientists at EEStore say they've created a battery made of glass- and aluminum-coated ceramics that could allow electric motors to completely replace the internal combustion engine. The inventors, erstwhile Xerox PARC and IBMmers, boast about the car's efficiency, saying it'll be so cheap it'll be as if gas… » 9/22/06 1:09pm 9/22/06 1:09pm