Refined Cereal Light Fixtures: Fortified With Frosted Flakes and Fluorescents

You won't find any Grape Nuts or Fiber-rich Colon Blow on the Refined Cereal lighting fixture by the aptly titled Refined Sugar Studio. In fact, the light is meant as a nod toward our favorite sugary sweet breakfast cereals like Capn' Crunch, Count Chocula and Trix. The cereal images are made using… »5/28/08 3:30pm5/28/08 3:30pm

Eatmecrunchy Cereal Bowl Keeps Cereal More Like Arnold, Less Like DeVito

This eatmefresh cereal bowl is probably the best non-gadgety way we can think of for keeping your cereal nice and solid despite being submerged in milk. The trick is the shelf at the bottom that blocks up to 70% of the cereal from being in contact with the cow juice, allowing you to scoop down and eat only the soaked… »10/17/07 8:00pm10/17/07 8:00pm