Some Women Could Have Less Reason To Dread That Annual ObGyn Exam  

Ladies, you may find that your gynecologist is a bit more hands-off after you put on that little cloth johnny for your annual exam. Recent recommendations from the American Cancer Society and the American College of Physicians that challenge the status quo for breast, cervical, and pelvic exams are starting to reshape… »10/20/15 5:20pm10/20/15 5:20pm


Why the Cervix Is More Amazing Than You Realized

Technically, the cervix is the bottom chunk of the uterus, a circular plug-like mass of tissue dividing the uterine space from the vagina. But where most of the uterine wall is made of smooth muscle, up to 90% of the cervix is built of stiff and unyielding connective tissue. At least, it’s stiff most of the time. »8/14/15 5:44pm8/14/15 5:44pm