Aaron Broder, Kid Reporter, Blitzes CES, Gets the Scoops

Meet Aaron Broder, the 14-year-old reporter and member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. He's covering CES from start to finish. Chaperoned by his mom, the resourceful young man convinced the CES suits to bend the "no one under 16, no exceptions" rule to grant him a press pass. Good move, because after all, there… » 1/10/08 12:37pm 1/10/08 12:37pm

Samsung Sticks With Rear-Screen Projectors, Shows New Series 6 and 7…

The Skinny: Samsung remains unfazed by Sony's bailout of the rear-screen projector market, showing its Series 6 and Series 7 at CES 2008. The claim to fame of these big berthas? Huge screens for little moolaa, although Sammy isn't saying how much they will cost. The Series 6 will have a relatively slim cabinet for a… » 1/06/08 5:00pm 1/06/08 5:00pm

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

CES is so hung over, and all that's left for journalists to do during this tech lull is to sit around and write up their "best of" lists for CES. But since our Frankenreview is about collecting product reviews and sifting through the opinions for consensus, what better to review than the best of what was reviewed at… » 1/24/07 2:30pm 1/24/07 2:30pm

The Official "Will You Marry Me?" Optical Mouse

Ah, the North Hall, the ghetto of CES. Home of Asian OEMs, where you can find all kinds of crap that you neither want nor need. Take for instance, the GTMS-3000 Mini Finger Optical Mouse from Guann Tau. With the "ergonomic and humanization design" touted by its flyer, you simply slip the mouse's strap over your… » 1/17/07 6:32am 1/17/07 6:32am

Cisco Taking on Apple TV with Secret Competitor

Ever since the whole iPhone trademark scandal, Apple and Cisco have been clashing like two old archrivals. Now word has it that Cisco is working on a product that will directly take on Apple TV. According to Daily Tech, the new set-top box will be able to "serve and sync to content much in the same manner as Apple TV » 1/12/07 8:45pm 1/12/07 8:45pm

Updated iRiver has Bluetooth, Awesome Accessory

Spotted at CES by the dapreview folks is this iRiver S10 with a watch-conversion attachment. Interestingly enough, the watch accessory covers the headphone jack on the actual S10, but then it was noticed that this version of the S10 (rather than the older version) actually has a small Bluetooth logo on it. I'd rock… » 1/12/07 3:53pm 1/12/07 3:53pm