Tegra 2 Coming in January: Nvidia Promises Netbooks, Smartphones and…

The Tegra system-on-a-chip, the zippy hardware that powers the Zune HD, had so much potential. Then, the delays. Slow pickup. Disappointment. Whatever happened to the Tegra, Nvidia doesn't want it to happen again. This time, they say, will be different. » 12/16/09 1:51pm 12/16/09 1:51pm

The 3M MPro120: It's About Time Pico Projectors Grew Up

3M pitching the MPro120 mini-projector as a "second generation" piece of hardware. For them, that means it's the first with the new MM200 projection engine. For everyone else, it could mean the first truly decent pico projector. » 8/26/09 3:54pm 8/26/09 3:54pm