Why a Blu-ray Player Might Become Your Only Set-Top Box

My love for Blu-ray players grows whenever companies add another feature that has nothing to do with Blu-ray. Now any worthwhile player is a home-entertainment hub, replacing cable box and Apple TV alike. How soon till they handle everything? » 1/13/10 3:20pm 1/13/10 3:20pm

Razer's Twiddly Onza Xbox 360 Controller Hands On: A Console Controller …

If you applied a PC gamer's obsession with gear and tweakability to a console controller, Razer's Onza Xbox 360 controller is basically what you'd expect: Reprogrammable buttons, elongated triggers, two extra buttons and joystick tension adjustment (!). » 1/11/10 12:55pm 1/11/10 12:55pm

I'm Sold On 3D TVs...And I Kind of Hate Myself For It

I'm a skeptic who's seen every consumer-grade 3D TV in existence from manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. I've seen OLED 3D, plasma 3D, LCD 3D and LED LCD 3D. And I've finally made up my mind on the matter. » 1/11/10 10:30am 1/11/10 10:30am