Is a Crappy Wi-Fi Signal Ruining Your Netflix Streams? Hy-Fi Routers Promise to Fix That

The nerdiest thing our Matt Buchanan ever wanted was an awesome powerline router. I'll see your nerdiness, Matt, and raise you one. Hy-Fi Routers crossbreed Wi-Fi, ethernet, powerline, and MoCA to give you a mutant baby of ultimate internet reliability. The dream of consistently fast 100Mbps internet all over my… »1/14/12 12:20am1/14/12 12:20am

Finally, Thunderbolt Stuff You Can Actually Buy Is on the Way

Thunderbolt is fast. Acutally, that's a simplistic view. It's incredibly fast (10Gbps bi-directional speeds!) and can handle multiple protocols. You can use Thunderbolt to attach a monitor, external drives, video capture devices, and hubs that support USB and Firewire. Real products are finally arriving, so we thought… »1/13/12 7:20pm1/13/12 7:20pm

For the First Time in Years, Your Next PC Will Be Amazing

By now you're maybe sick of hearing about ultrabooks, the best chance Windows rigs have to catch up to Apple laptops in design, usability, build quality, and general good-and-wantable-product-ness. Don't be. What's coming from PC manufacturers in 2012 isn't the inevitable, dreary sameness that's made laptops so boring… »1/13/12 1:48pm1/13/12 1:48pm