7 Ways To Thoroughly Cleanse Yourself of Sin City

Las Vegas is probably a lovely place to live. But spending a week in the desert at a trade show like CES—talking to thousands of people, handling hundreds of devices that countless others have touched, spending all your time going from taxi to casino to buffet along the Strip—it can leave you feeling incredibly grungy. »1/15/13 3:40pm1/15/13 3:40pm

Tim Tebow's Press Conference Sucked, or Why the Celebrity Headphone Trend Is Idiotic

At the end of December, a PR agency representing Tim Tebow's new signature line of Soul brand headphones—model number SL300, $299.95 retail—emailed us to invite us to a CES event at which Tebow himself would be showcasing his headphones and "speaking with the media." The event was total bullshit. Just like celebrity… »1/11/13 5:13pm1/11/13 5:13pm

Stream TV Glasses-Free 3D 4K Hands-On: OMG This Works! But...

CES 2013: The year Ultra HD turned into the pipe dream of the future to the present reality you can't afford. Now that UHD TVs are about to hit the market, manufacturers are, of course, showing off 4K concepts like this glasses-free 3D 4K panel from Stream TV Networks, which you will be able to drool and dream about… »1/11/13 3:38pm1/11/13 3:38pm