Samsung to Unveil (Discuss?) World's First 1.3-Inch Hard Drive at CES

According to an email received by the folks at Gearlog, Samsung has promised to "at least talk" about what would be the world's first 1.3-inch hard drive at CES in January. They also noted that the drive will be targeted at "mobile consumer devices," a move that would seemingly be in conflict with their NAND flash… »12/05/07 4:15pm12/05/07 4:15pm

Vestalife Ladybug iPod/iPhone Dock Makes Entomologists Drool (Video)

At first glance, the Vestalife Ladybug iPod dock didn't look much like an insect at all, but when its "wings" flapped open we totally got it. The Ladybug is an attractive system compatible with the iPhone as well as older iPod models. It operates on batteries or AC, but only charges your iPod when it's plugged in the… »11/14/07 10:51am11/14/07 10:51am

LG's Zenith DTT900 Converter Competes with RCA for Grandma's $40 Coupon

Last night we showed you the finished look of the RCA DTA800, one of the "digital switchover" converter boxes your stubborn granny can buy early next year with her $40 coupon from the government, in lieu of getting a new goddamn TV. The CES folks have praised the other box too, a Zenith-branded DTT900… »11/14/07 10:21am11/14/07 10:21am

RCA DTA800 Digital Converter for Analog TVs Updated, Delayed

We kinda forgot all about this little box for old folks with old TVs that was announced way back at CES and promised by the end of this year. It's got a fresh paint job and later street date (January), dropping a little more than a year before analog broadcasts shutdown in 2009 in favor of all-digital broadcasts,… »11/13/07 9:40pm11/13/07 9:40pm

SentrySafe Fireproof Waterproof USB HDD Housings Save Your Data (Not You) From Armageddon

SentrySafe has made safes for 70 years, but now they've teamed with Seagate/Maxtor to make hard-drive housings that withstand up to 1550degrees Fahrenheit for a half hour, and "full" 24-hour water submersion. Some like the Fire-Safe/Waterproof 80GB and 160GB ($320) drives are freestanding units that house 2.5"… »11/13/07 8:57pm11/13/07 8:57pm