LG Smart Activity Tracker: This FuelBand Clone Is a Mashup of Every Wearable Gadget

LG's Smart Activity Tracker is FuelBand look-alike—there's no denying it. And, yes, there are already a lot of new wearable fitness trackers. But with this gadget, LG crams the features of all of its competitors into one. And by the time it comes out this summer, the wrist-worn device might add something everybody… »1/09/13 6:25pm1/09/13 6:25pm

Puregear's Retro Game Cases Completely Justify Covering Your iPhone 5

We've already gone into detail on why you don't need a case for your iPhone 5, but that was before PureGear unveiled its line of awesome Retro Game cases. Obviously, this changes everything. Come February they'll be available in three different versions for $30 a pop: a traditional boxy maze, a circular maze, and a… »1/09/13 5:59pm1/09/13 5:59pm