A Sabreliner Jet And A Cessna 172 Collided In Mid-Air Near San Diego

A mid-sized twin engine Sabreliner jet like the one pictured above has collided with a light single engine Cessna 172 near the community of Otay Mesa, which is just north of the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Sheriffs have confirmed that three are dead at the scene, with no survivors aboard either aircraft.

MotoPod Solves The Eternal Problem: What Do I Do With My Motorcycle When I'm Flying My Cessna?

Stash it under the belly of the plane for an Indiana-Jones-style getaway once you hit the landing strip, of course. The good folks at MotoPod will mod your light aircraft with one of their aerodynamic moto-carriers, and give you a customized folding motorcycle to cram inside of it for around $10k. Sure it'll shave a…