Can Chainmail Sneakers Possibly Be Comfy?

In medieval times when everyone was taking swings at everyone else with swords, chainmail was pretty much a wardrobe requisite. These days the threat of sword attacks are few and far between, but a German company called Gost thinks there's still a place for chainmail in modern society. At least for athletes who've… » 1/02/13 6:40pm 1/02/13 6:40pm

Become a Knight of the Round Dinner Table With this Chain Mail Apron

Destructive dragons and damsels requiring rescue are a rare sight in modern society, but it's always good to be prepared. This vintage chain mail butcher's apron may not have been forged in the fires of Mordor but it'll do in a pinch. » 6/20/12 6:40pm 6/20/12 6:40pm

Chain Mail Gear Bag Defends Your Gadgets from Bumps and Roving Medieval…

Yeah, you could put your laptop in some dorky neoprene sleeve, and be a 21st century loser. Or, you could drop it into a bag made out of chain mail. It will (maybe) repel mace strikes! » 7/29/11 11:48am 7/29/11 11:48am

Chainmail Chess Set Is Suited For Battle

If a chess battle should ever erupt into all out war, this painstakingly crafted chainmail chess set can protect against slashing sword blows. The rings are super small, so It might even deflect an arrow or two. » 8/24/09 6:40pm 8/24/09 6:40pm

Chain Mail Protects you from Office Enemies

The office can be a dangerous place, full of danger and boredom. Thankfully ThinkGeek have come to the rescue with some lightweight and affordable chain mail. At only 20 pounds, this aluminum armour is light enough to wear all day, and comes in both large and medium sizes. It should fend off light blows and any… » 8/23/07 5:14am 8/23/07 5:14am

Get Medieval On Your Hand

Whether you are a speed whittler, an oyster shucker, or a pimp looking to make an authoritative fashion statement, a chainmail glove could be of some use. Pair it with a matching chainmail iPod case, or wear it solo, like Michael Jackson back when he wasn't scary. Whatever you do, its vendor warns you not to use it… » 4/09/07 6:40pm 4/09/07 6:40pm

Neptunic Bite-Proof Sharksuits

Even though most of the world has already fallen pray to the horrific events of Z-Day, some are using their pre-apocalyptic skill set to survive—and even thrive—in this new hell on earth. Jeremiah Sullivan has found unrivaled demand for his Neptunic full-body anti-bite sharksuits that not only keep the wearer free… » 4/01/06 12:01am 4/01/06 12:01am