A Chainsaw-Wielding Tree-Climbing Bot Is Actually a Safer Way To Prune

Giving a robot a chainsaw sounds like just about the most unsafest thing mankind could ever do. But ironically in this case it's actually making things safer for humans since this robot is designed to autonomously climb and prune very tall trees. » 2/25/14 6:03pm 2/25/14 6:03pm

In the Minimalist Remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Only the NokGear…

While far from practical, NextOfKin Creative's re-imagining of the chainsaw isn't supposed to cut through trees or be waved around a leathery-faced lunatic's head out in the country. As you can see from the photo, it's designed to slice through icebergs! Or sit in a museum looking all pretty. [NextOfKin via Core77] » 5/04/11 10:40am 5/04/11 10:40am