Guy makes Game of Thrones' Iron Throne with cheap plastic chair

You're not about to create the Iron Throne from the swords of your defeated enemies so why not play it a little safer by making one with a plastic garden chair and a can of spray paint? Seriously, this garden chair throne is almost as good as the one in Game of Thrones. » 11/15/13 11:25pm 11/15/13 11:25pm

How to Sit Correctly with Good Posture So You Don't Kill Yourself

Are standing desks last year's advice? Whatever. Unless you're lucky enough to be on your feet all day for work, you probably sit too much. We all do. When we go home, we sit on the couch. When we have dinner, we sit on a chair. When we watch a movie, we sit in the theater. When we go out, we sit on a stool. Our life… » 8/16/13 6:00am 8/16/13 6:00am

An Armchair Inspired by Smartphone Icons

The app icon is a defining feature of technology these days, and now designers are even turning to it for inspiration. This new furniture line, called Apps, takes inspiration from the icons that feature on all our smartphones—and it looks pretty damn sweet. » 10/22/12 5:39am 10/22/12 5:39am

A Deck Chair For Those Who Trust in Science

This deck chair might look a little dangerous to the untrained eye, but for those who place confidence in physics it looks like the perfect spot to kick back and relax. » 8/08/12 7:30am 8/08/12 7:30am

This Must Be The Most Uncomfortable Chair Ever

Screw comfort. At least, that's Stefan Zwicky's take on furniture design if his concrete chair is anything to go by: five pieces of concrete held together by steel rebar make for a striking, if numbing, piece of design. » 8/07/12 4:29am 8/07/12 4:29am

This Mod, Mobius-Inspired Chair Totally Belongs on the Set of Mad Men

"The Up-Chair is an extremely emotional product." Hello, copywriting win. But truly, this chair is something special. Design by Martin Bellendat for Tonon Italia, the Up-Chair uses an integral solid-colored foam called Freeform Advanced to manufacture its bucket-like shell. The molecular structure of this innovative… » 5/07/12 11:30pm 5/07/12 11:30pm

I Want to Work On This Vespa Workstation

I want to work on this Vespa workstation made with half a 1968 Vespa half of the day. Then chill out the other half of the day on the chair made with the other half of the Vespa. A brilliant mashup. » 1/23/12 12:11pm 1/23/12 12:11pm

What Do You Call a Backpack That's Also a Chair? Chairpack? Backchair?…

Or is it a Backchair? Packchair? Who knows! This Keen Springer Backseat Pack handles both backpack and chair responsibilities but unlike others in the past, it doesn't look completely bat shit crazy. And it keeps your bum clean! » 8/01/11 5:40pm 8/01/11 5:40pm

How Architecture Influenced Chair Design

Click to view Whether you're new to designer chairdom, or have been collecting Eames chairs for years, the WSJ's video introduction to the relationship between architecture and chair design is worth a look. Oh, to have MoMa's collection of chairs! [WSJ via FutureBlog] » 7/08/11 11:00am 7/08/11 11:00am

Making Art From The Imperfect

In his latest project titled "Err", artist Jeremy Hutchison is taking factory seconds and turning them into art. Hutchison adds a twist to this familiar model by using objects that are intentionally made dysfunctional by factory employees. » 7/04/11 11:30pm 7/04/11 11:30pm

The Manliest Lounge Chair

I'm pale. So very pale. But summer is coming (we hope, in NYC), and I need to add a little color. Tanning can be tough to pull off without looking lame, though. Enter the aluminum-and-neoprene Bulldozer Lounge chair. No word on maximum payload capacity. [mocoloco] » 5/20/11 6:40pm 5/20/11 6:40pm

You Won't Need a Book Light with This Chair

Anyone who likes to read knows how infuriating it can be to do so in the dark. Turns out, you need light to read. And more than a little! Find yourself in a poorly lit room, and there'll be a lot of squinting, angling and twisting your body around, ruining your eyes, your comfort, and the story you're trying to… » 5/02/11 10:20pm 5/02/11 10:20pm

A Chair With Better Speakers Than Your Pimped-Out Sound System

Anyone who's toured their local modern art museum has seen a fair share of odd-looking furniture. And the Subsonic Chair would fit right in. » 4/26/11 4:40pm 4/26/11 4:40pm

The Making of the Eames Lounge Chair

I'm not a furniture snob but I find myself turning into one as I keep watching this making of the Eames Lounge Chair. I'm not satisfied with a glimpse though! I want to see the whole process, from the curving of the base to setting up the ottoman, and I want to save enough money to buy one. [Vitra Project via … » 3/26/11 9:00pm 3/26/11 9:00pm

A Chair That Lets Your Girlfriend Sit on Your Lap Without Smushing Your…

You know those cool guys who have their girlfriend sit on their lap? They're in pain. Maybe not that instant and maybe not tomorrow but when they get a bit older, they'll feel it. You can't move as freely, you get hot, and your leg goes to sleep. Romantic? Sure why not. Comfortable? No effing way. Laps should be a sit… » 3/22/11 11:20am 3/22/11 11:20am

The Plexiglass Chair from the Future

I've seen the future and it's in this chair. When you sit on it, you'll feel like you're zipping through the space-time continuum and fast forwarding to another millenium. Like a time machine, in your seat. » 2/03/11 9:20pm 2/03/11 9:20pm

Affinity Chair Sucks the Seated Into Michael Jackson's Dancefloor…

Ben Alun-Jones' chair either propels the user into a Billy Jean hellhole, or some sort of cruel '80s hairsalon vortex. Either way, the acrylic chair's sensors activate LEDs, forcing this ho-hum chair into a lit-up, flickering throne. » 1/25/11 5:00am 1/25/11 5:00am

A Chair For Tai Chi (and Plonking Your Bum On)

While it might look like designer Yuan Yuan got a little carried away when shaping the steel legs of his chair, it's actually been shaped to do a multitude of Tai Chi exercises with. Come, I'll show you: » 1/03/11 11:00am 1/03/11 11:00am

Infinity Blade Gets New Weapons, Armor in Update Next Week

Infinity Blade is a really, really good iOS game. If you don't have it already, and you like action games, you should get it now. Then you'll get a new add-on pack for it next week. » 12/14/10 7:00pm 12/14/10 7:00pm