I Want To Teach in a School of the Future With Sharp's 60-inch LCD…

Sharp's 60" PN-L601B Blackboard, announced today in Japan, ditches the SMART Board's projector in lieu of a 1,920×1,080, LED-backlit LCD display. It's almost awesome enough to make me want to draw sentence diagrams for Catcher In the Rye. » 8/19/10 11:52am 8/19/10 11:52am

Chalkboard, Chalk and Eraser Cellphone Strap

The reason why we're so into cellphone straps here is for their ability make otherwise boring cellphones slightly more interesting—or great cellphones a little greater. Case in point? This chalkboard cellphone strap. » 5/29/07 5:00pm 5/29/07 5:00pm