Kim Dotcom's Offering a Cash Reward If You Can Smash Mega's Encryption

A few weeks into its existence, Mega is holding up pretty well. It's fended off its first round of takedown requests and is still crouched safely behind its wall of protective encryption. In fact, Dotcom is so confident in that encryption, he's offering free money to anyone who can break it. » 2/01/13 9:46am 2/01/13 9:46am

PLX Kiwi Saves You Gas By Teaching You Not To Drive NASCAR Style

PLX Kiwi, as seen above, is a plug-in device that analyzes how you drive and teaches you how to do it in the most gas-efficient way possible. Although you could easily accomplish the same thing by yourself after reading some tips online-Kiwi says you get about 20-33% improvement in your MPG-it's easier to have… » 7/02/08 1:39pm 7/02/08 1:39pm