A Chandelier Light Bulb Is Unreasonably Adorable

There are things that are adorable but make complete sense: babies, puppies, kittens, small phones, you get the point. Then there are things that are cute that make no sense: monkeys eating bananas, a ball of yarn and so on. A miniature chandelier would usually be sensibly cute. But putting that miniature chandelier… » 5/30/13 8:30pm 5/30/13 8:30pm

A Stunning Crystal Chandelier That's Actually Made From Lego

If you've inexplicably amassed some 8,000 clear window pieces in your Lego collection, thanks to the design talents of Tobias Tøstesen you can turn them into a stunning see-through, floor-to-ceiling chandelier. What's particularly great about this approach to decorating is that it's far cheaper than a similarly sized… » 4/10/13 9:37am 4/10/13 9:37am