Hackers Say They Can Copy Your Fingerprint From Just a Photograph

Right now in Hamburg, Germany, the largest European hacker association, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), is holding its 31st annual congress that's a four-day fest of all things hacking. Other than having a pretty rad name, CCC is well-known for detailing all the crazy (and sometimes scary) shit they can do. They've… »12/28/14 5:06pm12/28/14 5:06pm


German Hackers Publish Interior Minister's Fingerprint to Protest Against Biometric IDs

A group of hackers has captured the fingerprints of the German Interior Minister as a protest against plans to use biometric data in e-passports. The latest edition of their magazine, Die Datenschleuder, contains a plastic foil that reproduces the whorls and swirls of Wolfgang Schauble's digit, meaning there are 4,000… »3/30/08 3:00pm3/30/08 3:00pm