​The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Need

Like many of you, I work in front of a computer. They're powerful devices, but they also suck your will to live and trick you into never, ever getting up and going outside. Reasons like that are why fitness trackers were invented. » 2/25/15 10:35pm 2/25/15 10:35pm

BioLite's NanoGrid Is a Lantern, Battery, and Flashlight All In One

This new BioLite NanoGrid functions as a hanging work light or lantern, a multi-point area light, a powerful flashlight and a portable power source for your electronics, all in a single $100 product. The ultimate camping gadget? I got my hands on a unit to find out. » 2/25/15 4:43pm 2/25/15 4:43pm

Fitbit Charge HR Review: This Is The One You Want

Fitbit is such a tease. In October, the company announced three new fitness trackers just in time for the holiday gift-giving season—but decided not to ship two of them till 2015. Well, having now spent time with the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge, we believe the Charge HR is the one you want. » 2/04/15 1:01pm 2/04/15 1:01pm

Fitbit Charge Finally Arrives, Charge HR and Surge Land in 2015

The worst-kept gadget secret in recent history is no longer secret at all. The new Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge fitness trackers are official. Here's everything you need to know. » 10/27/14 9:00am 10/27/14 9:00am

Exclusive: Fitbit Charge and Charge HR Images and Full Features List

After earlier reports that Fitbit may be working on two new activity trackers, a tipster has sent us what appears to be official marketing materials that give us our first clear look at both the Fitbit Charge and Charge HD. Not only do we have a full feature rundown for each of these trackers, but the cleanest look… » 10/14/14 2:38pm 10/14/14 2:38pm

Making Edison's Batteries Charge 1000 Times Faster

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison developed a rechargeable nickel-iron battery, designed to power cars. Remarkably, the technology is still used by some people to store energy from solar panels and wind turbines—but now, Stanford engineers have tweaked it to charge 1000 times faster. » 7/02/12 12:40pm 7/02/12 12:40pm

Now Available

The day has come for people who've always wanted an 18-button mouse or a base station that can charge 4,000 devices to go crazy. There's just never enough buttons and charging ports in this world. » 7/02/10 9:20pm 7/02/10 9:20pm

Pluggage Luggage Charges Your Gadgets As It Rolls

Pluggage, the brainchild of ITP student Ohad Folman, is a piece of carry-on luggage with a built-in battery/inverter and a solar panel that's capable of charging mobile devices as the bag is rolled or exposed to direct sunlight. » 7/21/09 10:30pm 7/21/09 10:30pm

Airline Wants To Charge You to Use the Lavatory

Yes. The unthinkable has happened: European airline Ryanair is thinking about charging their passengers $1.40 to use their lavatories. Ryanair's CEO announced it in an interview with the BBC, and the company has confirmed it: » 2/27/09 11:50am 2/27/09 11:50am

Samsung's Unleashes World's Densest Flash Memory

Samsung has just rolled out a 30nm 64Gb NAND flash memory chip, which happens to be the world's densest. By packing together the maximum of 16 of the multi level cells, a memory card containing 128GB of storage space can conceivably be created. » 10/23/07 8:15am 10/23/07 8:15am

Betavoltaic Battery Could Power Your Laptop for Thirty Years

Research funded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory has come up with a breakthrough battery: a betavoltaic power cell that lasts for 30 years without a recharge. Made from radioactive material (I am writing this from my underground bunker) the batteries end their life being completely inert and non-toxic, so… » 10/02/07 8:15am 10/02/07 8:15am

PS3's Charge Cable vs. Xbox 360's Charge Cable

How long is the PS3's charge cable compared to the Xbox 360's? Well, watch the video to find out. Ok, done?

As you can see, the PS3's cable is only five feet long, not nearly far enough for anyone to use while playing. It's only a "charge" cable—unless you want to sit up close and incur the wrath of mothers… » 11/11/06 5:34pm 11/11/06 5:34pm