Guess How Many Wiimotes the Nyko Charge Station Quad Charges

Nyko didn't like seeing fellow third party manufacturer Penguin »11/20/08 10:20am11/20/08 10:20am create a 4x Wiimote charger first, so Nyko with the Charge Station Quad for Wii. Priced at $50, the Nyko Quad includes four NiMH rechargeable battery packs, four rubber Wii Remote battery covers and, of course, a four-port Wiimote battery charger that's…


Lightning Round: Nyko Charge Station 360 Dual Port Xbox 360 Controller Chargers

The Gadget: Nyko's Charge Station 360, which has been around for a while, but is just the thing that new Xbox 360 owners (who got in during Halo fever) need to keep two controller battery packs charged simultaneously. Plus, it even comes with two free battery packs; which cost $12 each when sold separately. »10/02/07 4:40pm10/02/07 4:40pm