Callpod Gets Temporary Restraining Order Against Target For Knockoff Chargepods

Remember those knockoff 6-1 Chargepod chargers »11/17/08 8:37pm11/17/08 8:37pm we showed you last week? A judge just granted a temporary restraining order to get Target to stop selling the unlicensed, unauthorized duplications. Good news for Callpod and good news for consumers, who were getting fooled by the not-as-good knockoffs anyway. Here's our …

Target Selling Knockoff Chargepods Branded Under Own Name?

A tipster tells us that Target's selling these "6 in 1 device charger" things at Target for $30, capable of charging six things at once. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly what the Chargepod »11/12/08 7:40pm11/12/08 7:40pm does. In fact, this version is so "familiar" it even stole pages out of Callpod's user manual. What's even…

Dealzmodo: Callpod Chargepod Universal Charger Down to $39.95

One of our favorite multi-tipped chargers, the Chargepod, has just gotten a $10 discount down to $39.95 for the base. We're not going to be d-bags and say that our recommendation in the review last year for them to drop the price down to $39 had anything to do with it, because our egos aren't that gigantic. Their… »5/31/08 3:00pm5/31/08 3:00pm

Callpod's Drone Bluetooth Adapter Automates Connecting Headphones and Headsets

Callpod—maker of one of our favorite charging devices, the Chargepod—has just come out with a Bluetooth adapter called The Drone. What's special about this Bluetooth adapter that's not in any of the hundreds of other Bluetooth adapter sticks already out? It "automatically pairs itself with your headset or headphones,"… »3/25/08 9:00pm3/25/08 9:00pm

Lightning Round: Callpod Dragon Bluetooth Headset With Walkie-Talkie Mode

The Gadget: The Dragon, a dual-microphone, class 1 Bluetooth headset is made by Callpod, the folks who brought you the Chargepod universal six-way charger. It doesn't only act as a noise-filtering headset, you can actually connect two of them together to enable them to act as a Bluetooth walkie-talkie. »11/12/07 3:00pm11/12/07 3:00pm