Brando Jumps on Wiimote Charging Stand Train

Remember last year when the Wii launched and there were zero Wiimote charging stands? Those were simpler times, weren't they? Now that Thanko, Thrustmaster, and even Brando are in the game, there's no excuse to have your Wiimote die out in the middle of a Wii party. » 3/07/07 7:00am 3/07/07 7:00am

iPhone Docking Station Patent Application Shows Multi-Orientation…

Two designs for Apple iPhone docking stations have just surfaced in an Apple patent application, showing cradles that allow the iPhone to be docked and viewed in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The patent application describes "Methods and apparatuses for docking a portable electronic device that has a planar … » 2/15/07 8:35am 2/15/07 8:35am