Yo! Apple's NAB Event Tomorrow Here at 11AM PST

Remember: Be here tomorrow at 11am PST to watch us blog the Apple event at NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters conf in Las Vegas. We don't know what's coming down the pipe in a little more than 12 hours from now, but Apple at NAB has historically been all about AV software launches. In 2005, the company… » 4/14/07 11:11pm 4/14/07 11:11pm

Coolness Roundup on Sirius: Listener Mailbag

Tonight's Coolness Roundup on Sirius Stars 102 features Gizmodo's Charlie White along with Stephen Schleicher of Sci Fi Tech answering listener email with questions about everything from Adobe limited-edition messenger bags for your laptop to using Office 2007, and even how to integrate a Windows Vista PC into your… » 3/15/07 10:10pm 3/15/07 10:10pm

Resident Badass Charlie White Gets Profiled In The Chicago Tribune

Our Associate Editor Charlie White is a household name in Chicago now, and not just for being the inspiration for the chase scene in Batman Begins when Charlie set a new land-speed record down the Magnificent Mile in 2002. The Chicago Tribune has a profile of all the 23,000 things Charlie manages to cram into a day,… » 8/07/06 6:45pm 8/07/06 6:45pm