Infinite Edamame Cellphone Charm Provides All of the Fun, None of the Flavor of Soybeans

Remember that fake bubble wrap cellphone charm from Japan? Well, if you're more into soybeans than packing material, say hello to Mugen Edamame. Simply push on the pod and the beans will pop out showing a random face each time. It's not as delicious as normal edamame, but it sticks around a lot longer. [Product Page »4/03/08 12:49pm4/03/08 12:49pm

8 New Kewpie Doll Cellphone Charms Crank the Weirdness to 11

If you recall some of the previous Kewpie cellphone charms, you know a special blend of creepy weirdness is par for the course. The latest installment keeps the tradition alive with 8 new figures that are guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable. Each doll will set you back around $6 — so collect them all (you sick… »12/10/07 7:20pm12/10/07 7:20pm

Kewpie Bondage Cellphone Charms Give Us Utterly Horrific Nightmares

These are about the creepiest cellphone accessories we've ever seen: Androgynous babies tied up S&M style dangling from your cellphone. The disturbingly satisfied Kewpie Dolls are available with five different rope colors for about $6. If you wanna feel really icky, check out the promo shot after the jump, which makes… »11/19/07 9:00pm11/19/07 9:00pm