PayPal Lets Android Users Deposit Checks With Their Cameras

Just like the iPhone PayPal app, and just like the Chase app, PayPal on Android now allows check deposits via photo upload. Apparently, a million dollars per month is transferred using this method on the iPhone app. [MobileCrunch] » 5/18/11 9:43am 5/18/11 9:43am

Over $100,000 Worth of Checks Deposited via PayPal App in 36 Hours

Facts! Don't you love them? Especially when they're as heart-warming as this one. Turns out our Joel wasn't alone in depositing a check via a phone app this week, as over $100,000 worth of checks were banked in just 36 hours after the app update. [PayPal via MobileEnt] » 10/08/10 6:20am 10/08/10 6:20am

You Can Deposit Checks to PayPal Via Mobile Pictures Within the Next…

You can already do a lot with PayPal on your phone: pay for Android apps, bump handsets to send money. And according to PayPal exec Laura Chambers, you'll soon—this week soon—be able to take a picture of the front and back of a check and deposit it into your account. Only iPhone was mentioned; it's not clear if Android … » 9/29/10 3:53pm 9/29/10 3:53pm