Was This Mysterious "Yellow Rain" a Chemical Weapon or Bee Poop?

In 1981, the United States didn't have the best political reputation vis-à-vis Vietnam. So when the US Secretary of State made allegations that the USSR had sprayed both Vietnam and Laos with chemical weapons, the world went crazy. Then the world got confused. » 3/11/15 11:58am 3/11/15 11:58am

Deadly Cloud: The Science Behind the Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

It’s believed that last week the Syrian government murdered hundreds of its own civilians with chemical weapons. We don’t know which weapon they used, but we do know it’s one of a handful of chemicals called nerve agents. » 8/31/13 1:00pm 8/31/13 1:00pm

Report: Syria Has Chemical Weapons Ready to Use

The Syrian military has chemical weapons that are ready to go as soon as President Bashar al-Assad gives the order, according to Danger Room. » 12/03/12 3:39pm 12/03/12 3:39pm