Inside the Bunkers Where the US Will Obliterate Its Chemical Weapons

If you were driving across the beautiful southern Colorado landscape near Pueblo, you probably wouldn't even notice them: almost one thousand concrete storage "igloos" burrowed into the landscape. This 23,000-acre complex has stored the remaining biggest cache of chemical weapons in the US since World War II. Now,… »2/04/15 1:54pm2/04/15 1:54pm

This Vacuum Detonator Blows Deadly Chemical Weapons to Smithereens

Disposing of the world's chemical weapon stockpiles is far easier said than done. It's not like the good old days prior to WWII when we could just dump extraneous supplies of mustard gas and other chemical weapons into the open ocean or under Delaware roadways or just big pits at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama—no,… »10/22/13 11:20am10/22/13 11:20am

This Is the Chemical Weapon Reportedly Used by Syria Against its Own People (Updated)

In the nearly two years since the start of the Syrian Civil War, the international community has steadfastly refused to directly intervene—despite reports of atrocities ranging from horrific detainee abuse to indiscriminate airstrikes and shelling against civilians. However, the Assad regime may have finally crossed… »1/16/13 12:00pm1/16/13 12:00pm