The 2016 Chevy Volt Goes 50 Miles On A Charge

The Chevy Volt offered GM a chance to show it was capable of quickly producing a car that was radically different than any car they'd made before. It wasn't a hit. With low EV-only range and a high price, what exactly was the reason to buy it? The 2016 Chevy Volt seems like a better deal. » 1/12/15 8:19am 1/12/15 8:19am

OnStar To Demo In-Car Video Chats—That Sounds Safe, Right?

While lawmakers are passing stricter regulations on cellphone usage in cars, OnStar seems to be bucking that trend. At CES they'll be showing off a new in-car 4G infotainment system that will stream video content and allow for video calls. » 12/21/11 10:20am 12/21/11 10:20am

Green Technology Pundit Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tells Electric Car Makers to…

Click to viewWhen he's not driving around in circles, NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. apparently likes to opine on the state of electric cars and green technology. CNS news tracked down Earnhardt to ask him what he thought of electric cars, specificially the Chevy Volt. Here's what he said: » 3/04/11 7:40pm 3/04/11 7:40pm

The Electric Car March Continues Into Washington State's Cascade…

Washington State, no stranger to the environment or tourism in the Cascade Mountains, will soon install a number of EV charging stations in that region for the slew of electric vehicles that will inevitably vacation there alongside their green masters. » 1/16/11 12:00pm 1/16/11 12:00pm

Chevy Volt Will Charge Your Gadgets Inductively

Wireless inductive charging is awesome. You take your gadget, set it, forget it. It's like an infomercial. Know what's even better? When Powermat and Chevy join forces to integrate the technology in your car, where it's especially useful. » 1/15/11 12:00am 1/15/11 12:00am

Watch a Chevy Volt Get Assembled in 2 Minutes

The Chevy Volt! The Car of the Future! Watch as robots and humans put one together in harmony, in just two beautiful time lapse minutes. [Wired] » 12/01/10 8:40pm 12/01/10 8:40pm

Chevy Volt Pre-Orders Start Now: $41,000 Before $7,500 Tax Credit

We finally know, officially, how much it will cost to own the Chevy Volt. GM has announced that their electric car is up for pre-order for $41,000, with a tax credit of up to $7,500 lowering the tally. » 7/27/10 12:17pm 7/27/10 12:17pm

The First Electric Freeway Is An Oregon Trail

Interstate 5 crosses Washington state from Oregon to Canada. And later this year, work will begin to make it the first electric highway in the United States. It's good to be a Volt owner in the Pacific Northwest. » 7/02/10 10:00pm 7/02/10 10:00pm

4,400 Volt Owners Will Get Free Charging Stations

The Chevy Volt is coming soon, but for the electric car to be a success its owners will need convenient power access. Which is why 4,400 lucky Volt owners will get free charging stations, installation (sometimes) included. » 6/17/10 1:56pm 6/17/10 1:56pm

Video: Chevy Volt's Android App Gets Google Maps Magic

For those keeping track at home, here's how we're doing on that whole future thing. Tablets: Check! Recreational mind control: Check! Cars that interface with your phone for jaw-droppingly awesome feats of navigation: Almost! » 5/18/10 6:26pm 5/18/10 6:26pm

25 Things You Can Remote Control With Your iPhone

One of the more interesting things you can do with the iPhone is use it as a remote control for other devices. Since the iPhone App Store launched almost two years ago, developers have created hundreds of remote control applications. » 3/16/10 3:40pm 3/16/10 3:40pm

Bose Energy Efficient Sound to Debut in Chevy Volt

Electric cars sound great until you realize that turning on the stereo costs you mileage. So Bose is hopping on the bandwagon with low-power speaker systems early. » 2/11/09 8:30am 2/11/09 8:30am

Bailout Package Includes $7,500 Tax Break For Future Chevy Volt Owners

If the future dashboard » 10/06/08 10:45am 10/06/08 10:45am and weren't incentive enough to consider picking up a Chevrolet Volt in 2010, Congress has gifted future owners with an added bonus: a $7,500 tax break passed as part of last week's bailout package. The credit applies to any vehicle with a battery rated at 6kWh or higher, placing it far enough…

Chevy Volt Dashboard Looks Like The Future If The Future is White…

We don't write about car dashboards all that often here on the Giz, but when the dash is from an electric car/hybrid and it shares its white sheen with both classic iPods and Stormtrooper helmets, how could we possibly resist? Nearly buttonless, the Chevy Volt's » 8/29/08 9:00am 8/29/08 9:00am injection molded center console features a large LCD…

Key to Cheaper Lithium Ion Batteries Could Be Inside the Microwave

Researchers at UT Austin have devised a new way to create lithium iron phosphate-the compound inside high-density Li-ion batteries being developed for cars and power tools-that uses microwaves to cut costs. The new method requires lower temperatures (300° C rather than 700°) and less time to fabricate the phosphate… » 7/29/08 11:42am 7/29/08 11:42am

McCain Proposes $300 Million Prize to Develop Next-Gen Battery for…

It's well known that the biggest bump in the road to developing an awesome all-electric car is the battery. The only ones juicy enough are a) big b) expensive and c) not so durable. Not easy. But science is no match for the American spirit! If elected, John McCain is promising $300 million to whoever develops a… » 6/23/08 7:30pm 6/23/08 7:30pm

LEAKED, Electric Meets Diesel in Opel E-Flex

We shouldn't know about the cars of the future yet, and let me be the first to say, I'm sorry they don't fly. But the Opel E-Flex is a European concept of the Chevy Volt unleaded/electric hybrid. Other than its propensity to drink more wine and go "on holiday," the Opel will use a 1.3lt turbo diesel engine to recharge… » 9/08/07 10:30am 9/08/07 10:30am