This Kid Can Drive Heavy Machinery Like a Total Pro

When you think about child labor, chances are your first thoughts aren't "Wow! Awesome!" And if they are, you're probably a monster. Perhaps the sole exception is if you're thinking of this video. Granted, this is dangerous, and no kid should be doing this, but damned if it isn't impressive how competent the little… » 1/13/13 9:00am 1/13/13 9:00am

Nintendo Is Investigating Foxconn for Child Labor Violations, Too

Earlier this week, Foxconn owned up to using underage workers in one of its factories. That's made Nintendo—whose Wii U is also assembled at Foxconn—suspicious, so it's launching its own investigation into the Chinese manufacturer's labor practices. » 10/18/12 9:53am 10/18/12 9:53am

Foxconn Admits Violating Child Labor Laws

Just a week after riots broke out at Foxconn over working conditions at the Chinese plant that manufactures Apple's glorious new iPhone 5, the company is mixed up in another labor imbroglio. This time, it's over the admitted use of child labor. But sheath thy pichforks because Foxconn's not entirely to blame. » 10/16/12 9:43am 10/16/12 9:43am

The Way Kids Used Machines 100 Years Ago Is Shocking Compared to Today

Kids these days, swiping and tapping away at iPads, have absolutely no idea how to fix a mechanical spindle. But until around the Great Depression, children were free to work in factories alongside adults. » 10/09/12 1:40pm 10/09/12 1:40pm

Apple Reports Discovery of Child Workers In Their Factories

February has not been a good month for the Apple supply chain. After the assault, the arson, and the poisonings, now Apple's annual supplier report reveals that this year 11 minors were found working in factories that manufacture their products. » 2/27/10 1:59pm 2/27/10 1:59pm