China Tries to Enforce Real-Name Registration by Threatening to Disconnect People's Phones

After six years of futilely trying to make people register their phones using real names, China’s got plans to crack down. According to the state-run China News Service, the more than 100 million people who haven’t yet registered SIM cards with real names need to do so by June 2017, or else their mobile service could…

Fun Animation Perfectly Captures the Wild World of Eating Chinese Food at a Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurants can be really fun and lively places, where family and friends gather around giant banquet tables to talk, drink, and laugh together—all while eating food that’s constantly being spun around a Lazy Susan. Anatola Howard’s short animation Giraffe Soup captures the essence of eating Chinese food at a…

DC's Chinese Superman Will Be Joined By a Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman, Too

Strange things are happening to Superman in DC’s comics. The current Superman is dying, and not only will he be replaced by the Superman of DC’s old continuity, but his powers will be diffused into many other people: including a Chinese man named Kenan Kong. But Kenan’s not going to be alone in his fight for justice.


Paramount Is Being Sued for Not Having Enough Product Placement in Transformers 4

Congratulations to Paramount, which is finally in court on a $27 million lawsuit for failing to actually place a product from a product placement deal. Yeah. On one side is Paramount, the studio behind the Transformers franchise, and on the other side is a Chinese business who paid them to put even more logos in the…