China's CCTV Headquarters Trying to Shake "Hemorrhoids" Nickname

China cultural fun fact: People here love giving nicknames to buildings. With all the avante-garde architecture around, sometimes the nicknames are less than complimentary. The new CCTV building is now trying hard to not be known as "Hemorrhoids." » 12/03/08 3:00am 12/03/08 3:00am

China Television HQ Done, Looks as Crazy as the Renderings

The facade of China Central Television Headquarters is now complete, just in time to look pretty tomorrow, when the world turns its eyes on Beijing's Olympic Games. The 6.45 million-square-feet complex looks as amazing as the original renderings, defying gravity with its two leaning towers connected by two massive… » 8/07/08 9:15am 8/07/08 9:15am